How to Choose the Top Brooklyn or Manhattan Business for Your Project

Any one who has ever owned a piece of property that has fallen into dangerous disrepair or has become damaged through some freak accident of natural causes knows the anxiety that comes from trying to find the most qualified professional home improvement business that can bring the endeavor in under budget and on time. During my research phase in this unpleasant process, I have gone and spend untold hours in the public library, read what seems like every page of the yellow pages, called dozens of housing contractors, and visited at least 100 website. All of this activity and time (which I will never get back by the way) has prepared my for the imperative of making my final choice. See to begin your research.

Premier Brooklyn Firms That Qualify

Brooklyn Businesses

Brooklyn is a great place for business

I’ve got to make a big decision about what firm I’m going to employ to do the major work on to roof of my house. There is going to be a lot of major structural change to the overall layout to the building and I want to be absolutely certain that I hire the top business in Brooklyn to give me the results I’m looking for. Because there are over 5,000 businesses in this area alone that cater to this particular market, I have an abundance of potential candidates to choose from. Since I have a serious problem in making decisions of any kind, especially major ones, I face an uphill battle. But it is a challenge I am ready to take on.

When I first got out of the army, I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life nor how I was going to be able to make a living. An acquaintance of mine came right out and asked me. I never liked that guy anyway. He was not a business man; he lived in Brooklyn; he did not live in Manhattan. What did he know. Later it came to light that he was into some very unsavory practices. I don’t need to go into details. Let’s just say he wasn’t a very nice person. But, you live and learn, right? I think that was a song in 1991, but I don’t recall the artist. Memory get selective as you reach my age.

For the next five years I held a number of jobs, none of which I liked very much. Before that, though, I was on unemployment for about six months. I have to admit, the cushion of those weekly check was an undermining factor in my motivation to seek out another job after the military. I had at first planned to milk the unemployment benefits for all they were worth, for years if I could get away with it. However, president Ronald Reagan put an end to my plans when he ordered all businesses in Brooklyn and Manhattan to curtail those entitlements when six months had run out.

Now I had to get a job or starve.

Premier Manhattan Firms That Qualify

Manhattan Business

Manhattan is a Fantastic Business Location

The first job that I got after this was donating my blood to a premier Manhattan business that in turn supplied it to hospitals and other health care facilities. This was before the AIDS crisis, of course, and it was possible to get paid in this fashion two or three times a week. I wasn’t very much money, but it was enough to feed me and keep in supplied in cigarettes until my next donation. I used to smoke at least a pack a day in those days. In fact, I continued to smoke for the next twenty-six years. I finally was able to quit at the age of forty-nine and I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done. My new birthday in November 22 because that was the day I had my last cigarette.

I have to give a lot of credit to the American Cancer Society, because they published a pamphlet that was instrumental in my business of quitting smoking. I read the pamphlet in Manhattan and before I got home to Brooklyn I had the information that would eventually provide me with the mental ammunition I would need to quit for good.

Never underestimate the power of information as a tool in the business of personal change and growth. When I first read Think and Grow Rich by businessman Napoleon Hill I was immediately fascinated by the idea that your mind is the only thing that you have complete control over. After being exposed to that revolutionary idea, my life has never really gone back to the state it was in before reading this marketing book. Even though I later found out information that led me to the conclusion that Mr. Hill was not quite the man of integrity that he presented himself to be within the pages of this influential work, I still could not deny the universal truths that were contained between the pages of this classic of the self-help genre.

I’ve always been a reader and even though in recent years I do not get the pleasure and satisfaction from reading that I once did, I still read more than the average American does. The first book I remember reading was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I thought he was absolutely crazy. Crazier than the fact that I have to include ten more words to finish this revision. To me the idea of spending the afternoon in the warm sun painting a fence white was the best thing that could happen to a person. Obviously, I had never actually done it before or that idea would never have come into my mind. But it was a nice fantasy to have, nevertheless. Needless to say the business of whitewashing a fence would not be successful in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Well, eight more words to go an I’ll be done. Peace! Or is it Piece?

Shopping for a Home Contractor in New York City with Relatives

New York Contractor

The first time I visited my cousin Sandy’s house in New York, I was instantly transported in mind to the day when I would buy my first home. It was a stand alone model, with two stories, and a backyard. It also had a very big front yard. It was in fact the biggest house I had ever seen. As an aside, I really hadn’t seen that many homes to make a value judgement. But at the time, I was totally impressed with the size and beauty of that structure. Sandy later grew up to be a housing contractor in New York City, the only one in the family.

I made me want to own my own house that would impress my brother the way I was impressed. I imagined myself shopping around for the right real estate agent, eventually buying the home that was perfect for me and my relatives. I saw myself purchasing the optimal building in the right neighborhood near an uncle. I even imagined what would happen if the house needed repairs: to the basement, to the plumbing, to the roof, and what I would do to hire the most qualified home repair contracting company for the project. My favorite aunt would be proud.

I remember the time, a few years later, that I returned to that house with my father. It was just as beautiful, but since I had grown, it no longer seemed quite so large as when I was just a boy. I stood there in the back yard, transfixed by the social activity going on in the back yard. So many people were there outside of that house, on the backyard lawn where some recent construction had been finished. I wasn’t expecting them to be there, nor was my mother, and so I was rooted to the spot by some mysterious urge to become a part of the backdoor. I cannot explain that feeling to anyone who has never experienced it, in the same way I could never convey to another person the lifelong drive I possess to find a New York City professional contractor through the process of shopping. Then doing the actual buying of his services.

The house I lived in at the time I first experienced the vision of future purchasing of real estate was a row house, one of thousands in the city. One night, there was a minor fire caused by a reckless young resident of the building who had bought with his own money the very instrument of the cause of the eventual damage. Fortunately, the fire caused minimum damage, mostly to the roof, but the owner of the building had to quickly hire a roofing contractor to repair the compromised structure around the skylight. Still, the cost, the fee, and the commission, came to a lot of money that went right into the coffers of that renovation specialist. Needless to say, the young firebug learned a valuable lesson about the cost of repairing damaged property.

All of this is to convey the importance of vetting and choosing wisely in the process of paying for the services of a qualified and experienced home renovation specialist for your family.